We Love To Make Our Customers Happy


We love hearing from our customers - here are a few of our favorites from the past few years:


“ Love the quality of the products! Reviews are helpful and accurate. Replacing my last items only because I have lost so much weight My old ones look great still despite lots of use! ”
Denise M., Texas (January 2016)

“ I really like the site set up and the range of products available. I have previously bought some clothing from Team Estrogen and I was really impressed wiht the quality of the clothing and the speed at which it was delivered to Australia ”
Mary B. - NSW, Australia (January 2016)

“ Wonderful experience as selections geared for women locally in cycling are limited to brands/styles that everybody else is wearing and Team Estrogen fills that gap I need for originality, color, fit and safety on the road. Quality brands, good prices and timely shipping options, will def be dropping by again :) Thanks! ”
Pam, Washington (December 2015)

“ Team Estrogen is the best. High quality products, exceptional service and good variety. My one stop shop! ”
Katherine M., Alabama (November 2015)

“ I am a full sized woman who loves to cycle. This company has many choices for my size. Thank you Team Estrogen. ”
Diane M., Portland, Oregon (March 2015)

“ I am a repeat (serial) shopper with Team Estrogen. They are my 'go to' website for women's specific gear. I am always the best dressed cyclist!”
Tracey R., Melbourne, Australia (February 2015)

“ I always like ordering from Team Estrogen. Great products, value prices, and Susan's recommendations mean a lot to me. I know her randonneuring accomplishments, and value her opinions. ”
Jacqueline C., Swanton, Ohio (June 2014)

“ I love Team Estrogen's no-hassles return policy, complimentary shipping, and wide range of products. Customer service here has always been excellent as well. ”
Marni M., Arlington, Virginia (May 2014)

“ I am THRILLED to find a site with a good cross-section of plus-sized cycling gear. Please keep it up, and encourage your suppliers to keep making more. I am not alone in need for lightweight, form fitting clothing great for my beloved bike. :) ”
Shay M., Seattle, Washington (May 2014)

“ I have been pleased with every item I've purchased from Team Estrogen. I don't recall that I've ever had to return any items, but I trust that if it did, I would receive the same great service. Receiving items from Team Estrogen is like getting birthday presents every time, so quick shipping is a huge bonus! Thanks, TE! ”
Garaleen P., Ogden, Utah (April 2014)

“ I have told other friends of your amazing customer service. You are one of the only companies that has good looking items for "larger" women who want to be active. It makes me crazy that many companies that sell athletic wear only sell it in small sizes. Some of us "larger" women want to get in shape and be active and it is very difficult to find active wear that fits and looks good. ”
Pat D., Fremont, MI (June 2013)

“ I have nothing but good things to say about TE, and spread the word whenever I can. I always wear long sleeve SPF jerseys and get lots of questions on tours--TE gets the referrals! ”
Ann A., Kennebec, SD (June 2013)

“ I just got back on a bicycle and am starting from scratch, starting slowly. I only have one real "outfit" (from TE) so far and when I decide it's time to acquire more cycling clothes, you will be my first and only choice. The clothes, selection, colors, and customer service are all outstanding. Thank you from my heart for the fantastic job you do. ”
Christina K., Thermal, CA (November 2012)

“ Thank you so much for your awesome customer service!!! I will be back to team estrogen for my additional gear!!! You guys rock! ”
Julie F., Anacoco, LA (July 2012)

“ I actually wanted to tell you what a fantastic site this is. I initially bought 2 plus size skorts made by Terry and they were superb! I then ordered a pair of capris, shorts and another skort. There are lots of plus size clothes out there but they are made poorly and with poor fabrics. These clothes from Team Estrogen were great. I will look here first for sporting clothes. Keep up the great work! ”
Michelle P., Houston, TX (May 2011)

“ I made my first online purchase ever on your site sometime in the late 90's. I keep coming back because you always have it. I try to find things locally but the local shops just can't wrap their minds around the fact that we women buy athletic gear too. We like good stuff too. We want performance stuff and cute stuff and the new stuff too.
My husband picked up the most awsome Gore Bike Wear jacket the other day. The sleeves zip off and he loves it. I figured I could get one as well ..... nope. Nobody in town stocked the women's version.
There is a reason Team Estrogen has become so successful. My go to store. I just ordered my new jacket :-) ”
Colleen A., Boise, ID (April 2011)

“ I want you to know that I can be having rotten day but I know I can click on your site and know everything will be OK. I can count on an email within an hour or two assuring me something nice is on its way. You haven't let me down once in the 7 years I've been ordering from you. Thank you! ”
Nina C., Lewisberry, PA (March 2011)

“ This is my favourite web-site. All the other web-sites we use at home have 95% men's gear and 5% women's. Also, no other website includes proper sizing information like yours or includes as much info about the fit like yours. I know that when I ask a question about the fit, your team check it out for me and give me the best advice they can. I have just got a pair of Exteondo bib shorts - magnificent! ”
Tracey R., Melbourne, Australia (December 2010)